Hypothesis Atelier is a space for creation and exchange.
As young architects, we believe in the power of our profession as an instrument to generate ideas or hypothesis around the social, environmental, politic, and economic conditions that influence the daily life of people.

As a team, we have always conditioned our practice on the collaboration with external people. In our vision each and every person can contribute. Furthermore, we assume that the diversity of background and thoughts allows constructing concepts in a strong and objective way.


designboom – septembre 2019
Architecture Suisse AS-212 – mars 2019
Espazium – décembre 2018
Sarasani – automne 2018, p. 4-5

Hypothesis Atelier team

Nicolas Tappolet

2018-19 Service civil, Archives d’architecture, Genève
2018 Bachelor en architecture, HEIA-FR
2013-14 Stage, Yves Habegger, Genève
2013 Stage, ADAo architecte, Genève
1993 Naissance à Genève, Suisse

Damien Greder

2020 (Obtention prévue) Master, Architecte EPFZ
2018-19 Collaborations, Typical Office, Genève
2018 Bachelor, Académie d’architecture de Mendrisio
2016-17 Stage, Kéré Architecture, Berlin
2016 Collaboration, Rintala Eggertsson architects, Norvège
2012 Stage, Group8, Genève
1993 Naissance à Genève, suisse

Luis Peña Torres

2020(Obtention prévue) Master Académie d’architecture de Mendrisio
2019Stage, Nishizawa architects, Saigon
2019Stage, Tropical Space, Saigon
2017Bachelor Académie d’architecture de Mendrisio
2016Stage, Bearth & Deplazes, Chur
2015Stage, Taller 301, Bogotá
1993Naissance à Bogotà, Colombie