Association based in Geneva with a humanitarian and non-profit-making aim, brings together young Swiss people and partner members from local organizations, with the focus of realizing architectural projects with a socio-educational ambition.

The association’s vocation is to have a social impact through thoughtful architecture. It responds to requests for socio-educational infrastructures that emerge from local organizations, particularly to support young people in their schooling.

Hypothesis Association was born in 2019, following the creation of a first library by Hypothesis Atelier, a collective of young architects trained in Switzerland, then associated with a scout group from Geneva. The association was then naturally created after the first project of “La maison connectée des savoirs de Grand-Lahou” in order to continue to promote a social vision of architecture through volunteering.


archscharing #4 – june 2020
Architecture Suisse AS-216 – april 2020
KooZA/rch – january 2020
designboom – september 2019
Architecture Suisse AS-212 – march 2019
Espazium – december 2018
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