Building reality

Tete, Mozambique — 2018

Workshop organized by Francis Kéré with the Accademy of Architecture of Mendrisio

Assistant : Alberto Pottenghi

Picture : Luca Peruzzi

Project : Kéré Architecture et étudiants

Drawing : Gregorio Lacchio et Eleonora Pradegan

Attendees : Damien Greder et Luis Peña Torres,
avec Francesca Borea, Alois Bottini, Daniel Bringginshaw, Charlotte Decollogny, Silvia Diaz, Ludovica Franchetti, Giacomo Gendotti, Lucia Giacobbi, Quinn Giroux, Thomas Koch, Gegorio Lacchio, Domizia Lantin, Jerôme Paulus, Maria Porta, Eleonora Pradegan, Marco Prencipe, Roberto Rodriguez, Edoardo Tabacchi,
Catarina Zazzara

The workshop seek to combine the aspirational aesthetic qualities of western construction with the practical, culturally relevant qualities of traditional methods and materials. For one month we built, together with the local community, a prototype of teacher’s housing.